Simplicity 1102

Well, it started out as an Amazing Fit Simplicity 1102, and morphed its way into something else.  That’s what happens when you tell your mum you are sewing her a dress for Mothers’ Day and you let her have too much input!  If the back could be a little lower… If the side could be a little tighter… If there could be a few less gathers… No sleeves…

It does look really good on her, and the photos have been sent from her holiday, so it has already had an outing.  Its made from a very soft jersey bought from Girl Charlee.  This wasn’t the first one I made, but I hugely misjudged the different stretch qualities of the jersey, and the first one ended up a little too tight.  I can’t say I enjoyed sewing with the fabric – it was good quality and looks beautiful, but like most people I am use to sewing with cotton and didn’t anticipate how much stretch affects the construction.  The bodice is as the pattern instructs, just without the sleeves.  I removed the waistband and took out the skirt gathers to give it a smooth look.  There did not seem any need for a zip, so I didn’t add one.  We took the neckline down front and back.  The original dress I took even further at the back, which looked great but we lost the integrity of the bodice strength and shoulder straps kept slipping down.


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