Jennifer Lauren Bronte Top

My measurements suggested I cut between an 8 and a 10 (I done know whether to call it an 8 and a half or a 9!). The first attempt wasn’t hideous, but also wasn’t particularly wearable (I lie, I’m wearing it for bed right now).  I need to make a narrow shoulder adjustment so my bra straps will be hidden, but also there’s quite a bit of excess fabric on the front neckline. It would also help if I had a proper jersey needle to hand, as I started it at Simona’s all lovely and neatly using one of her needles, and it all went a bit skewy when I got home and realised I didn’t have any.  That could have been rectified had I properly basted the neckline and discovered the adjustments I needed before sewing properly – I had put the machine on the wrong setting so sewed instead of basting and there’s no way I’m unpicking jersey more than once.

I made two more of them before I remembered I need to move my armscye for everything. Silly arms. 


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