Use It Up – 2017

At my local Knit and Natter Group last night we were gifted a very large bag of knitting and sewing patterns and I acquired fifteen new ones to add to the stash.  Sorting through them and adding them to the existing boxes full made me realise I could go another couple of years easily before realistically finding something I wanted to make which I didn’t already own a pattern for.  

I also had a fabric washing day this weekend, and managed to wash, dry and iron at least 35 pieces of fabric varying between one and three metres each.  So with this in mind, and the need to not take up any more space or money this year due to needing all my pennies for decorating the house, I am pledging to not any more fabric, patterns, or clothing for myself until April 2018.  I have put I there the clause “for myself” – my mum wants a few items and she said she would reimburse me for patterns or fabric relating to these as they would be very different from what I would usually buy, but I will also probably gift her a dress for her birthday, and the fabric I would require is not sime I already own.  

What I do need is a good way of catalouing all the patterns I do have, if only to prove to myself that I do not need any more. 


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