The “Use It Up” Fabric Challenge – UPDATE

I admit, I’m a little bit of a fabric hoarder. I don’t think there are many sewcialists who can’t say this.  I am frequently tempted by fabric sales, especially at Abakhan as they given a brilliant bargain, but I’m often too busy to actually get round to sit and sew, so it doesn’t get used up as quickly as I hope it would.  I thought it would be good to only sew things for a while using what I have and plan my next projects around what fabrics I have in the stash.  Avoiding stores should not be too difficult as I’ve way too busy to visit them very often anyway and I don’t spend a massive amount when I do actually visit.  Mary at The Daily Sew has a challenge running for herself this year (theres also an April update), so I’ve decided to give it a go myself.

Then I also thought that I know of a person who would be brilliant to throw down this challenge to, the lovely Simona from Sewing Adventures In the Attick who nearly has enough fabric to open her own store.  Credit to her, she does get through projects quite quickly (this month alone she has blogged about the Hunter Tank Top,the Jacket Express, Marfy Cropped Top, Simplicity 1365, New Look 6035 and the Manhattan Skirt) just not as quickly as she replaces the fabric used.  I love her dearly, and I’m imagining how much fun it will be for her to restock her attic storage once a large proportion of it has disappeared.  One step at a time though; I rummaged through her stash last time I visited and pulled out five pieces which have been sat around and keep getting bumped for newer purchases.  Some of them have even been paired already with their prospective pattern and are crying out to be cut and sewn.

So, Simona, these are the fabrics I pulled out of the beautifully stacked and well-hidden piles.  I would like to see them used within the next six months, or at least cut out and ready to go.

*** I have seen a pair of Ginger Jeans made, along with the shorts, and the white fabric went on a Lottie/Anderson blouse, but I don’t recall seeing Crepe from Colette Patterns and to my knowledge that blue fabric is STILL in your stash.  Do I need to chase you up on this Simona?


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  1. Simona says:

    Ups seems there is no escape for me now. Better get cracking!


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