Self Drafted + Costumes

Girls Pyjama bottoms

Drafted by getting a rough idea for the template from the internet, folding over the top to create a tunnel for the elastic to be added.  Fabric was polycotton left over from another project, and elastic was taken out of an old pair of small pyjama bottoms with a little fabric added to extend the size of the band.  So a free make.

Cheshire Cat outfit for World Book Day

I drew around a sleepsuit and added a hood and seam allowance.  Before sewing up the back seam I added a tail and caught it in the seam.  Instead of the usual sleepsuit press studs I inserted a zip for easy use.

Baby Girl Circle Skirt

A Christening present for a girl named Matilda.  Fabric from Dumelm.  Baby waist measurements taken from Mothercare website and circle skirt calculations from Dana at Made Every Day.

Snowman Tutu fancy dress.  Crochet stretch top and roll of netting from eBay.  Total cost was about £5.  We sewed black felt on for the buttons.


For a talent show performance of Mamma Mia, we made an ABBA style outfit – so much fun to make.  Stretchy black fabric for the main bodice and trouser, with a cheap costume satin covered in sparkles for the frills.  Lots of elastic and velcro holding these bad boys up!


Priest costume for panto – this is an adaptation of the Watson Jacket by Papercut Patterns

Self drafted dames dresses x 3, and genie outfit for local theatre

Simplicity 1299 – made to unfasten with Velcro so it can be removed during a magic trick within the show

Self Drafted Laundry bags

Pattern taught to me by Simona, I self drafted different sizes from there.

Face Masks


Made for family and friends. They have room for nose shaping wire and replaceable filters.

Scrub Bags

Simple drawstring bags.


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