New Look K6483

I really didn’t like this make, so much so that it went straight in the bin. ┬áThere was simply too much to correct for me to want to pick it apart – the busy darts were too low, the shoulders too long even though I made the smallest size, the sleeves were too puffy.

New Look K6483
New Look K6483

I just didn’t like it. Then I did a little reading into people who had also made this top, and only found one example of the t-shirt being made, and that was on The Monthly Stitch blog, and it was something I would wear. ┬áSo I set about adding all the required alterations to give it the benefit of the doubt.

New Look K6483
New Look K6483


Moved the darts up by 2cm. Shortened the shoulder length by one and a half cm. Took in the side seams by 3cm each side. Made sleeves a little longer and added turn up detail.

Second attempt ended up being wearable and I no longer hate it, unfortunately I made so many alterations I can’t say it is much like the original pattern pieces anymore.


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  1. shoes15 says:

    Oh boo. Sorry this one was a dog.


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