Sew Mag Quilt

One of my projects for the year will be a quilt, preferably being able to make this a Christmas gift at some point.  I’ve decided to use one of the patterns from Sew Magazine (but not necessarily the same type of fabric choice).  Ive chosen the “Log Cabin Quilt” pattern, mainly because it reminds be of the quilts we had on holiday. I’ve never made a quilt before, or followed quilting instructions, so this is a whole new world to me.

Items needed:

  1. Patterned Fabric needed (one fat quarter of each) x 6
  2. Plain fabric: one fat quarter of one colour, two fat quarters of another
  3. backing fabric, 90cm x 1.2m
  4. Wadding, medium-weight, 90cm x 1.2m
  5. Thread, coordinating
  6. Rotary cutter
  7. Patchwork ruler press. Lay the fifth pattern over the right-hand side of the work, with right sides facing, lining up the top. Stitch along the left edge, trim the bottom, open out and finger press. 

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