Simplicity 1587

Simplicity 1587
Simplicity 1587


Fabric, Notions and Alterations – Simplicity 1587

I have cut the fabric before I realised the fabric had been intended for another project and in fact had a slight stretch.  Didn’t affect the dress in the end.  Packet said just over 2m needed, but I managed it in 2m.

Button on back for fastening, two on front for details.  22inch invisible zipper.  2 x 3cm elastic for sleeves.

Took up by 1 and a half cm on the waist as it fell too low for me.  Cut between a size 8 on shoulders and 12 on hips, which is usual for me.  I need to pay more attention to fitting, and start bringing it in more at the waist.  Since this dress had gathers anyway instead of darts I chose to add elastic on the inside waistband to bring in.

My favourite makes / reviews of this pattern are:

Dixie DIY who made it out of the fabric I should have chosen, and Mode De Lis who used a less faffy pattern for the bottom half, losing the weird skirt gathers.

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