Self Drafted Non-wearables

My daughter has been learning about sewing at school and has been a little nervous about using the sewing machine in her lesson this week.  To help her along we did a mini project at home.  We used the YouTube video by Ann Arbour Sewing Centre to create a self drafted pencil case from scrap canvas.  We didn’t use fusible interfacing or double up the fabric as it was thick enough anyway, and this was pretty much the easiest method we could find (and a short, quick video too, perfect for people like me with short attention spans – I hate watching people sew in tutorials in realtime).

Pinterest gave me ideas for gift ideas, and the button clock seemed perfect for a quick make.  Buttons are all from a random tin of buttons (we all have one) and the clock mechanism was about £2 from ebay.  The embrodery ring I had in my cupboard for god-knows-what reason but they can be bought online for a couple of pounds.

We have pugs, and they don’t like the cold very much. Saying that they don’t like the heat or rain or wind very much either – they’re a little pamper.  We built them a four poster dog cave to keep them cosy for winter, and I intend covered it with a canvas acquired from a scrap materials shop.  Made by taking simple measurements of the bed and adding seam allowances.


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