Sew Over It 1940s Tea Dress

I borrowed the Sew Over It 1940s Tea Dress pattern from Eleanor at after seeing her version of it on her previous blog (see here), and spent a weekend making it up, (can be bought here).

Inside view of sleeve  Outside view before turning the sleeve up.  Sleeve turned up, hand stitched to keep in place.  1.5cm added to front.

Fabric, Notions and Alterations

2m of cotton used (cotton was thin, excuse the creases in pictures as it wasn’t ironed)

  • one 22 inch zipper, invisible if desired.

After wearing it for an evening I couldn’t keep it as it was, it just felt a little strange, like I was conscious of constantly pulling it down.  I unpicked the front panel (luckily I’m lazy about finishing the inside of the garments I make) and added 1.5cm to the shoulder area to move the bust downwards, then trimmed off the same amount from the top of the stomach panel.
The problem I’ve found from this is now the neck line is a little bigger then I’d like it, I guess that means I extended it in the wrong place.
I didn’t bother with an invisible zipper as I had this one lying around and I didn’t think it would be too noticeable as it was. It fits really nicely body-wise, I just took my usual couple of cm out of the shoulders.

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