New Look 6146

Fabric, Notions and Alterations

2m from Abakhan Liverpool

  • one 16 inch zipper

This dress is a bit of a mash-up as I already had the skirt pattern for Lisette 1419 cut from the project before this, and I wanted something that wasn’t as formal looking as the skirt in New Look 6146.

I used top A, used the contract band and neck line, but also added piping.  This stopped me from being able to have a neat zipper, so I ended up making it an exposed zip.
I didn’t agree with one set of the instructions. I couldn’t see how step 10 of New Look 6146 would leave the collar flat – it seemed to advise adding it in the wrong place.  I pinned the straps instead on top of the collar in the same manner, and it worked fine.  The dark side is the right side. Maybe it is indicating the facing. I’m not sure. I started making it up from this point onwards.

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