Kimono, Love Sewing Magazine

Kimono pattern from Love Sewing Magazine, lovingly stolen from Simona at Sewing Adventures In The Attic.

Love Sewing Kimono 2
The material was from Abakhan Bolton; they have boxes of pre-cut fabrics sold by weight and this piece was from the mixed voiles box. No other fittings were needing. The pattern is from Love Sewing magazine, issue 5, 2014.

Love Sewing Kimono 1

Included in this make:

French seams! Tried them, loved them. Will be trying to incorporate them into future makes. This is also my first time without using poly cotton so I found myself slip sliding all over the place, especially when pressing.

Mostly this was fairly straight forward to construct, with a little help needed trying to follow the instructions for the front band – the instructions just seemed to stop instructing and instead suggested I figured it out from the pictures. Since most of the seams were hidden, even within the garment, it felt strange to be making the front band seam stand out (you attach the front first, right sides together, but the back part afterwards) , but despite my best efforts sewing into the groove of the front seam it’s still visible in the places I went a little wonky.

I finally got around to unpicking this for the fourth time, and HAND-STITCHED the band on (there seemed to be no other way) in a thread which isn’t as obvious. Looks rubbish from the inside, but hey, who’s looking at that.



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