#3 Simplicity K1690

A nice easy make which fits much better than my last dress attempt.

Simplicity 1609

Back Simplicity 1609


Front Simplicity 1609

Fabric from B&M Fabrics, Leeds market, £2.50 a metre roughly. One button used from a mixed set found.  The pattern was free with a sewing magazine this year.

New bits on this make:IMG_9470.JPG
This pattern has many darts – two in the front and two in the back on each panel, so that felt like it took ages to add in, but fits just right. I decided to not add a zip, instead sewed the seam allowance to within a couple of inches of the neckline, then added a button.
I properly measured myself this time, acknowledging I require two different sizes. I measured a Simplicity 12 on top and a 14 from just below the waist.
I tried my decorative stitching setting on the hem and it just looked more fun then a straight stitch.


Things I needed to do differently:
The buttonhole for some reason did not take so I ended up neatening it by hand.  I’ve worn it once and it looks like the button will fall off all together, so may need a little touch up there.  Also I hadn’t actually measured the fabric first, so the dress is a few inches shorter then I would have done it. I hadn’t thought about the fabric pattern before I cut out my first pattern pieces, other than I wanted the towers the right way up. It didn’t cross my mind at first that may have meant the fabric piece wasn’t long enough.  It looks fine, but it was more luck than planning.



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